How Eocortex Reduced Costs and Improved User Experience with Sentinel - Case Study

Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Experience like Eocortex - Case Study

How Eocortex Reduced Costs and Improved User Experience with Sentinel

Even Security Surveillance Software Needs Security

Eocortex’s innovative and customizable security solutions include some of the most advanced features on the global video surveillance market.

Surveillance technology is a highly competitive market, in part due to the advanced technology required to develop effective software. Eocortex distinguishes itself from its competitors by putting special emphasis on providing an optimal user experience.

With such a sophisticated product, Eocortex knew that protecting their software against illegal duplication was critical to their success. Their software provides unique value, and enabling it to be easily copied could undercut the whole way the company does business. As Rustam Salimzibarov, Chief Development Officer of the company observed, “the issue of protection against illegal copying has become vital for the company.”

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  • How Eocortex turned software licensing from a liability to a unique advantage.
  • How Sentinel product line allowed for flexible licensing options such as floating licenses and license management to help Eocortex.
  • How Eocortex reduced its own costs and improved customer experience.