Case Study

NOFFZ Technologies Advances with Sentinel

NOFFZ Technologies Advances with Sentinel

Testing Platform NOFFZ Technologies Moves to Digitized Software Licensing with Thales’ Sentinel - Case Study

The Device Vendor Has Used Thales Sentinel for Software Monetization Since 2017

NOFFZ Technologies uses Sentinel for top-notch security and IP protection, offering flexible hardware and software-based licensing solutions. 

When producing an innovative technology, companies need to assess its feasibility, functionality, and safety and security compliance. That’s where NOFFZ Technologies comes in. 

Based in Germany with offices in North America, China, and eastern Europe, NOFFZ produces test systems for development and validation for end-of-line production, or as a portable station. NOFFZ’s platform covers an entire range of measurement technology, including high-voltage applications or systems with high-speed interfaces. 

The heart of NOFFZ’s testing system is their software UTP Suite, an expandable software framework that assembles the necessary test specifications from a variety of hardware abstracts and apps. It integrates with DevOps such as NI TestStand, NI LabVIEW, Python, C++ and .NET. 

NOFFZ’s hardware comes packaged with software for monitoring, tracking, assessing, and test reporting. Their software comes pre-installed — embedded in their devices or downloaded via their website.