Objectif Lune expands software business

Obectif Lune Expands its Software Business - Case Study

Implement Usage-Based Software Licensing and Expand Business like Objectif Lune - Case Study

Objectif Lune Expands Software Business and Enters New Markets with Thales Sentinel.

Objectif Lune is a software company that helps other businesses, large and small, automate their business communication. They specialize in products that are elegant but simple, and that can work within existing systems. Based in Canada, Objectif Lune is a global company that is committed to its customers' success by making communication digital, automatic, and intuitive.

Objectif Lune needed to find a way to tap into this broad market, through new types of software and bundles of products, while still being able to serve their existing customer base. Additionally, the company faced the obstacle of creating a pricing strategy that would attract small and medium-sized businesses. Those businesses have very different cash flow patterns than large businesses and may be less inclined to spend a lot of money up-front for services.

This was compounded by the fact that Objectif Lune does business through many partners throughout the world. Each partner has different needs, and it's much easier for them to sell products that are flexible and can be customized to meet users' specific needs.

Challenges of Migrating Objectif Lune Software

  • Business expansion into new markets with specific needs
  • Create a new software monetization pricing strategy to attack small and medium-sized businesses
  • Needed a flexible software licensing solution

Discover how you can:

  • Have a software monetization solution to enable more flexible licensing including trials and pay-per-use models.
  • Create a pricing strategy for usage-based licensing to expand into the small and medium-sized business market?
  • Protect its software from piracy and generate new revenue streams at the same time?

Explore how Objectif Lune migrated its software while protecting its valuable assets.  Get the case study to learn how Objectif Lune software monetization strategy helped achieve steady sales growth every year.