Expand Your Business with Subscription Based Licensing - Prismart Case Study

Prismart Expands Software Business with Subscription-Based Licensing from Thales Sentinel

Prismart Learning Solutions is a growing technology company specializing in digital education, with a focus on both production services and academic products, aimed specifically at schools.  Prismart's founder, Deepak Deopa, started the company with the goal of bringing the latest technology into the field of education, enabling children to benefit and enjoy learning through technology.

In addition to being concerned about piracy, the company wanted to be able to serve more schools, by offering their video learning software on a subscription basis. By offering their software as a subscription, Prismart could reduce the cost to schools, and enable more institutions than ever before to use Prismart's groundbreaking software. That transition would meet the company's goals of educating more children, while also growing the bottom-line and gaining customers.

Challenges for Subscription-Based Licensing:

  • Preventing piracy and illegal distribution in a subscription-based licensing solution
  • Offer video learning under a subscription basis
  • Reduce costs and server more customers

Discover how you can:

  • Get rid of piracy
  • Cut your costs while increasing growth at the same time with a software monetization solution
  • Expanded your product lines and appealed to new customers with a subscription-based licensing solution?

Discover how Prismart was able to migrate to an easier subscription-based licensing solution.  Get the case study to learn how to cut costs, get rid of piracy and appeal to new customers.