Increase Efficiency and Flexibility in Embedded Devices like psmtec - Case Study

psmtec Wins Big with Thales Sentinel, Increasing Efficiency and flexibility

psmtec is a gaming machine and software developer, with a focus on developing, producing, and distributing innovative, premium gaming for casinos and arcades. With their motto “Personal –Target-Oriented – Fair,” the company aims to make the best and most exciting games and gaming machines, leading to the ultimate play experiences for their end-users. The company creates gaming devices and equipment such as slot machines, which are used by large numbers of people every single year.

Psmtec had some challenges such as protecting its intellectual property and hardware against manipulation.  Gaming software development is extremely cost intensive, requiring engineering and developer hours, and psmtec knew they needed to protect their investment. The company looked for a licensing solution that would fit their needs, including the strongest protection possible.  In addition, psmrec required a solution that would allow for quick and easy updates. “In the gaming market, developing and distributing new games is an ongoing process. Therefore, to stay competitive, new updates must be distributed multiple times a year.  We needed a solution that would simplify that process for our customers,” explains Mr. Peter Schmid, Business Informatics at psmtec

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  • How did psmtec protected its hardware and software in the gaming industry?
  • How did psmtec comply with regulations across many different countries with a software licensing solution?
  • How did psmtec automate its products seamlessly several times a year?