Case Study

Revolutionizing Coronary Diagnostics AI with Sentinel EMS

Revolutionizing Coronary Diagnostics AI with Sentinel EMS


Coronary Diagnostics AI Medic Sets Stage for Globalization Using Thales’ Sentinel - Case Study

Korean AI Medic provides medical device software for diagnosing coronary artery disease based on cardiac CT scans. Their products are AutoSeg, which uses AI to provide auto-segmentation of the heart and coronary arteries, and HeartMedi, which performs on-site CT-FFR to assess coronary artery blood flow. Analysis from AutoSeg’s auto-segmentation and HeartMedi’s assessments can inform patient prognoses. 

The company initially used a homegrown solution for licensing their software. However, they quickly realized they needed a platform that could do more to protect their IP and scale their software business. Specifically, they wanted to implement flexible subscription models to enable annual recurring revenue from their target customers: hospitals, clinics, and medical research institutions. Moreover, they wished to replace myriad manual tasks with a streamlined, automated process to confidently expand globally and prepare for IPO.