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Embrace Flexible Software Licensing Protection Like Siemens - Case Study

Improve Profits & Embrace Flexible Software Licensing Protection Like Siemens - Case Study

Siemens Energy Automation Maximizes ROI for SICAM Power Automation Systems Using Thales Sentinel

Energy substation automation is a highly competitive market with many global players. With increasing price pressures, higher product volumes, and increasing project requirements driving the need for more features, Siemens Energy Automation recognized the need to replace its legacy protection and licensing technology to more fully monetize and strengthen security for its SICAM product investments.

Siemens faced a number of business challenges related to licensing and delivery of its SICAM products. Even though Siemens Energy Automation employed software protection and licensing technology for its energy automation products, the technology was many years old and quite rigid.

Increasingly, clients and potential clients wanted more flexible licensing-with either more or fewer features–so Siemens needed to be able to ‘turn on or ‘turn off’ product features based on customer need. They also found that more and more, customers were wanting to try out the software before making a decision to make a major investment. The aging technology they were using didn't enable this, and also presented security risks. Combined with it's limiting the company’s ability to implement new feature-based licensing models, Siemens realized it was time for a change.

Challenges for Flexible Software Licensing:

  • Integrate licensing and entitlement management with existing systems
  • Needed feature-based licensing
  • Wanted to protect valuable software against unauthorized use and piracy

Discover how Siemens:

  • How Siemens SICAM was able to improve its protection technology and keep up to date?
  • How did Siemens protect its valuable software against unauthorized use during a complex sales process?
  • How did Siemens reduce operating costs and improve customer experience at the same time?

Explore how Siemens was able to migrate its whole system without disruptions.  Get the case study to learn more about Siemens migration to Sentinel products.