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Integrate a Subscription Based Model With Software Licensing - SoftBalance Case Study

Improve Efficiency With Software Licensing like SoftBalance - Case Study

SoftBalance Generates Revenue and Improves Operational Efficiency with Thales Sentinel

SoftBalance is a market-leading system integrator and software developer in Russia. With thousands of customers throughout the country, SoftBalance offers a full range of accounting and management automation services for both commercial enterprises and budgetary institutions. The company’s customers come from a wide range of industries including catering, automobile, business, finance, and budgeting.

DALION is SoftBalance’s software which provides an automation solution for small-medium-sized retailers. DALION allows supermarkets and small retailers to manage their back office functions while taking into consideration the specific needs of these types of stores. The software also includes special features that address the unique challenges to these industries including the qualifications of the personnel, trade equipment in use, goods storage, customer loyalty, and more.

SoftBalance began looking for a new solution for their licensing needs. Their main goal was to integrate a subscription-based model, and so they looked for a solution that would offer this option while also protecting their software at the highest level on the market. No less important, they wanted to save money and reduce the resources required for homegrown licensing.

Challenges of Integrating a Subscription-Based Model:

  • Protect valuable software from piracy
  • Losing its market position against competitors
  • Save money while migrating software

Discover how you :

  • Integrate a subscription-based software licensing model in order to reach out to new customers
  • Protect against piracy and hacking
  • Save money and reduce resources required 

Migrate to a subscription-based software licensing model.  Get the case study to learn from SoftBalance's migration.