software protection best practices

Software Protection Best Practices: Deepening the Secure Bond between the Hardware Key and Your Application with AppOnChip - Data Sheet

One of the biggest issues software publishers face is how to prevent unauthorized use of their software without creating unnecessary obstacles for customers who wish to legitimately purchase and use it.  Software piracy stunts revenue potential and negatively impacts paying customers, who ultimately bear the cost of illegal product

This is where Sentinel LDK’s Envelope comes in—providing proven and easy-to-use techniques for protecting your IP, revenue, and reputation.

Sentinel Envelope wraps your application to provide robust IP protection against reverse engineering through file encryption, code obfuscation, and system-level anti-debugging. It then creates multiple, random layers of protection for each file, making it extremely complex and time-consuming for hackers to remove, ensuring that your software code is safe from exposure while en route to its end-user destination.