The Keys to Sovereignty in the Cloud - Webinar

The World Economic Forum estimates that over 92% of all data in the western world is stored on servers owned by very few US-based companies. This concentration creates a situation of high dependence, and a challenge for business resilience. Digital sovereignty has become an important topic for many nation states, and new regulations are emerging to manage these risks. In this webinar we will cover:

  • Digital sovereignty challenges between the EU’s GDPR and the US Cloud Act and FISA since the Schrems II decision.
  • The emerging sovereignty regulations such as GAIX-X, DORA, France’s “Trusted Cloud”, Australia, and others.
  • The impact of sovereignty on cloud deployment risk and governance.
  • Strategies to maintain data, operational, and software sovereignty.
  • How sovereign controls leveraging encryption and key management can protect privacy and sovereignty in the cloud.

Join us learn more about how to overcome digital sovereignty challenges in the cloud.

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