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Award Winning Solutions to Achieve a Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

February 22, 2022

Poupak Modirassari-Enbom Poupak Modirassari-Enbom | Global VP Marketing CPL More About This Author >

A holistic, cloud-based cybersecurity solution helps organizations quickly and easily increase their security posture, and comprehensively address the key areas of vulnerability by providing effective data classification, protection and access strategies to secure even the most sensitive data in a multi cloud or hybrid environment.

What are today’s top cybersecurity challenges?

Enterprises are operating in an evolving threat environment that demands a complete cybersecurity approach to prevent and reduce the overall risks to business. Hybrid workforces, increased regulatory requirements, multi-cloud workloads and the sophistication of adversaries are all top challenges in every executive’s agenda.

  • Secure hybrid workforces – Hybrid working environments seem to be the future. Organizations need to provide all employees, not only those who traditionally have been mobile, as well as their suppliers and contractors secure remote access to systems and applications with modern and strong multi-factor authentication.
  • Regulatory requirements – Whether an organization is headquartered in the US, in the EU or in any other part of the world, privacy and security laws, regulations and standards mandate the enforcement of appropriate controls to secure personal data and critical infrastructure. Businesses need to modernize their cybersecurity practices and policies to meet these mandates.
  • Secure multi-cloud deployments – Cloud-first enterprises need to effectively secure their data spread across multiple cloud platforms and applications. To address the demands of the shared responsibility model with the cloud providers, businesses need to contribute with cloud agnostic solutions as a complement to protect and control their own data.
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and ransomware attacks – Attackers are increasingly targeting data in the cloud and leveraging advanced techniques to bypass access controls. Companies of all sizes, whilst benefiting from the cloud and its features, must remain in control of the their access policies and encryption keys as well as providing multi factor authentication across their workforce, including those operating in a more complex environments .

Who are you going to trust?

To address all these pressing challenges, enterprises need a cybersecurity partner they can trust.

Thales has developed an award-winning portfolio of security solutions to help you deliver the same level of security whether deployed on-premises or in cloud environments that easily integrates within existing IT infrastructures. The below solutions were Gold awards winners in the recent 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in four distinct categories!

We were also thrilled to win another gold for Best Cybersecurity Podcast, for our Thales Security Sessions podcast series. Tune into our podcast, and find out how our award-winning solutions can help you achieve cybersecurity for your organization.