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Build flexible business models

Dynamic business environments require you to move and change quickly.  With Thales Sentinel Software & Services, you have the freedom to create new and versatile business models and software packages to keep up with customer demands.

Highly flexible business models

Increase operational efficiency

Easily update configurations with ease, and repackage offerings in real-time. As a vendor-agnostic platform, we can enable your applications on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid manner with a seamless end-customer experience. Our licensing solutions are flexible enough to work wherever you are operating and allow for easy integration with your back office and customer-facing systems.

Create an excellent customer experience

Happy customers lead to a successful business. Evolve your licensing strategy to meet customers wherever they are, and put them in control of their licensing without sacrificing your needs.

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Navigate The Process of Licensing, Delivering, and Protecting Your Software

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"[The] Sentinel Platform allows us to provide our customers with customized packages depending on their needs.
We can offer a free trial and new products to be packaged easily and quickly without additional engineering."