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KMIP 1.1 Test Results Are In—and Thales Is Demonstrating Market Leadership Once Again!

February 26, 2013

KMIP 1.1 test results are in—and Thales is demonstrating market leadership once again!

As a founding member of the OASIS KMIP Technical Committee, Thales is committed to pushing the market forward with support for key management interoperability. Along with the recent approval in February of the KMIP 1.1 specification, Thales and similar vendors participated in peer-to-peer validation tests in January to confirm support for their latest KMIP implementations. The validation tests also provide a lead-up to the OASIS Standards Showcase to publicly demonstrate solution interoperability for both key management servers and KMIP-compliant encryption applications, alike. (You can see the demos by visiting OASIS - booth #3012)

KMIP Test Results

With test results now confirmed and published by OASIS, Thales is pleased to once again demonstrate market-leading support for the KMIP standard, as illustrated in the graph below. What is just as telling is the lack of participation from other key management vendors that one would expect to also see demonstrate KMIP support.

The chart provides an interesting snapshot into the current state of the art. Customers and encryption application vendors need to consider two primary aspects when evaluating a complete key management solution: 1) Breadth of interoperability to provide the most robust compliance with KMIP-enabled encryption applications, and 2) Depth of feature set for managing a complete key lifecycle by using advanced security controls, such as tamper-resistant hardware and advanced access rights.

We believe there is no equivalent when comparing the Thales eSecurity keyAuthority appliance with other options in terms of deployment simplicity, operational efficiency and high-assurance data protection provided. Come see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you at the Thales booth (#517) and the OASIS Standards Showcase (#3012) for an in-depth discussion on key management and access to helpful free resources, including our highly-popular Key Management for Dummies guide. See you there!