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Vormetric Doubles Down On Data Protection Within Amazon Web Services Marketplace

February 11, 2014

Just like the rest of the IT Security industry, Vormetric is ramping up for the RSA show later this month.  We’ll be showcasing new products, partnerships and expanded features, as well as giving away some cool stuff (Last year we gave away a Harley ….).  If you are able to attend the show, find us in both North(#2614) and South Halls (#515).

But with all the frenzy around the show, we wanted to be sure that some recent large scale enhancements to our offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace don’t go un-noticed.  Launched in September of last year were both “Free Trial” and “Paid” offerings.   We’ve just implemented two additional options for potential customers to directly experience and validate Vormetric solutions themselves before purchase within AWS.

Vormetric solutions are squarely focused around the need to protect data and sensitive information.  Customers who come to Vormetric for solutions are usually looking for ways to meet compliance requirements (PCI/HIPAA), regulations (State data breach laws, EU Data Protection requirements) or contractual requirements around encryption. Access control is the next thing these same needs require, and Vormetric’s Data Security Platform provides both, as well as the security intelligence capability that allows identification of malicious insider attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

With these additions, there are now two new ways to understand and experience our offerings.  These no-charge, fully functional, 5-hour test drive environments showcase:

  • Encryption with Access Control.  This demo environment allows an immediate experience with our encryption and access control capabilities.  You’ll be able to see directly how the solution allows you to safeguard sensitive data from privileged user access (such as Sys Admins, Cloud Administrators, etc.) while allowing those privileged users to perform their work.
  • MongoDB Data Protection. Similarly, this demo environment gives direct experience with using Vormetric’s solution to protect data within the MongoDB Big Data environment.

Last, Vormetric also offers a “bring your own license” model for using our products within AWS.  Customers can purchase through traditional enterprise sales channels (through our channel partners, or directly from Vormetric), and use these licenses for implementations within the AWS environment.  This includes customer version of our Data Security Manager, our standard file system agents and key management agents.

The result is the best of both worlds for our customers.  Evaluate easily within AWS and use our solution there with the licensing model that makes the most sense – pay as you go, or perpetual license.  Or easily evaluate our solution with in AWS as a “test drive” and then implement in your on-premise installations, or even with a hybrid environment of your local data center plus AWS cloud resources.