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Vormetric – Not only on the Fast 500 for the second year – But also moving up the list

November 18, 2014

Andy Kicklighter Andy Kicklighter | Director of Product Marketing More About This Author >

On Thursday last week Deloitte released the 2014 Technology Fast 500™ winners – and Vormetric is on the list as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America for the second year in a row.  Not only that, but this year we moved up on the list from 435 to 380.

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What’s the secret to the success we’re seeing? It’s not only having solid products, a great organization and top tier partners – It’s also a matter of timeliness. Enterprises today are facing a fundamentally changed environment where perimeters no longer keep out determined attackers, while AV and other end point defenses can’t catch their intrusions. The result is an increasing need to protect data-at-rest and we provide the tools needed to do the job simply and cost-effectively. These needs are driven by the newest round of cyber attacks, by customer and partners requiring high levels of data protection as a basic qualifier do to business as a result of those attacks, and by increasingly stringent compliance and regulator mandates meant to help offset these threats.

Another key factor, in a fundamental change to organization’s behavior, data-at-rest protection solutions even act as an enabler for cost reduction and business enhancement. How? By enabling the use of cloud environments and big data implementations with all of their cost effectiveness and business flexibility advantages. Without protection for data-at-rest compliance and regulatory mandates, can’t be met, and organizations are at enhanced risk of a data breach.

With our single platform providing file and application level encryption, access controls to encrypted data, deep visibility in data access patterns, key management for Oracle and SQL Server database, key vaulting for third party application, KMIP device key management – all from a single solution set, policy and management environment – customers are seeing great returns from implementing one solution to multiple data protection problems within their environment with our products.

Software dominates the list again duplicating last year’s percentage of 48% of the rankings.  Next up were “Internet” firms at 16% each (up from 13% last year) and Biotech at 10% (down from 13% last year).  All are exceptional examples of organizations spurring growth through a fanatical focus on innovation – almost a “Who’s Who” of the most exciting products and services in the technology space.  It’s also interesting to note that of 500 winners, 164 were from California (and 106 from Silicon Valley) more than any other location.

For Vormetric this event is also a direct recognition of the sustained growth that we’ve experienced since 2008.  During that time we’ve shown consistent growth in revenues and customers, with more than 1400 organizations now relying on Vormetric for their Data Protection needs.  Our customers encompass Enterprises of all types and sizes as well as key growth areas such as Cloud Service Providers, Business Process Outsourcers (for finance, insurance, healthcare, HR and other key applications), Managed Service Providers and others.  No other data protection solution has such wide applicability across enterprise and cloud environments.

We’re honored and humbled at Vormetric by this recognition, and delighted to once again be part of this group of elite organizations. Thank you to our employees, partners and our incredible customers – they have everything in the world to do with this award.