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Here are the Top Five Benefits of the New and Improved EMS

March 14, 2020


We are constantly working to improve our entitlement management system. That’s why today, we are proud to announce the release of the new, easy-to-use and enterprise-scaled Sentinel EMS 5.0.

Every page in Sentinel EMS 5.0 has been redesigned with simplicity in mind to provide operations professionals a streamlined user interface and improved performance. 


Here are the top 5 benefits you will enjoy with our new and improved Sentinel EMS 5.0:

  • Experience the industry’s first configurable entitlement management system – See exactly what you need in a single view that’s been completely redesigned, with your ease-of-use in mind.
  • Enjoy unprecedented flexibility to analyze your data – Easily sort data, adjust views, add and remove columns as needed and choose what gets displayed, to get the most out of your data, without being distracted with unnecessary data points.
  • Complete tasks faster - New entitlements and new product creation requires up to 40% fewer clicks than previous versions of Sentinel EMS, all on a single screen, no matter what size your screen.    
  • Leverage powerful search capabilities - Find what you need with the ability to search based on the attributes you assign to different entities, including feature name, date, and more.
  • Never consult a manual—Our new help functionality offers contextual, task-oriented help, just when you need it.    

We’ve been hard at work developing the biggest update to our Sentinel EMS platform in years, and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. 

If you’re not a Sentinel EMS customer already, request your free trial,     and see for yourself what Sentinel EMS can do.