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Grow Revenue, Cross Sell, and Reduce Churn with Sentinel Pulse

September 8, 2023

Dale Hopkinson Dale Hopkinson | Senior Product Manager More About This Author >

If you are a Sentinel entitlements management user, you can find opportunities in the current customer list to grow your revenue, cross-sell, and reduce churn by opting for the Sentinel Pulse enhancement. While entitlements are great at providing usage data about your customers, sales teams need further revenue intelligence to develop and preserve strong client relationships and ensure customer success. A common mistake some companies make is putting all their efforts into closing that first sale and neglecting to consider the entire customer lifecycle. This is where Sentinel Pulse becomes your ally.

Predictable revenue with entitlements management

The software business has moved to a subscription model where companies rent software to access – specific features and future enhancements. The biggest benefit of the subscription model is that it provides predictable recurring revenue for the ISV. Their customers, the software users can accurately plan the operational expenses required for running their business.

When moving your offer to a subscription model, the next step is to invest in an entitlements management platform like Sentinel because existing ERP platforms do not handle recurring customer relationship engagement. Entitlement management platforms are great because they give you an independent back-office system outside of your ERP that contains all the information about:

  • Who your customers are.
  • What they have bought.
  • What features can they access.
  • Who uses the software and how.

A dedicated entitlement management system creates a single source of truth for understanding who is buying your software, deploying it, and using it. Platforms like Sentinel automate the end-to-end fulfillment workflow of software to allow software vendors to scale effectively and efficiently.

All this data sitting in the Sentinel platform loses its value if you cannot turn it into actionable intelligence.

Get revenue intelligence with Sentinel Pulse

With Sentinel Pulse, businesses can analyze patterns in customer purchases and product deployment to gauge customer engagement. Sales teams gain enhanced customer management capabilities by comparing entitlement data to product activation data.

Sentinel Pulse seamlessly integrates its data into the daily tools that sales teams use. It works as a Salesforce plugin, utilizing advanced data visualization features to display the necessary information in a familiar and easy-to-use platform for sales teams to engage smartly with the end users.

The tool enables sales teams to prioritize their customer interactions. Certain customers may require more attention, while others may only need to be monitored. Additionally, some customers may benefit from an immediate call, while others may not require any intervention.

There are three primary use cases your sales team needs Sentinel Pulse:

1. Prioritize renewal opportunities to proactively engage with customers before license expiration to understand deployment trends and define potential next steps,

2. Churn prevention by ensuring that customers get the full value of their investment, or you are at risk of losing them.

3. Identify upsell opportunities based on how the customers are using and deploying your software.

Enhance your Sentinel investment and customer success

If you're already a Sentinel customer, the necessary data has already been generated. All you need to do is install the Sentinel Pulse plugin, which takes less than an hour to complete. This will equip your sales team with data that can be used to encourage proactive interactions with customers.

With Sentinel Pulse, your sales teams can benefit from:

  • Discovering new revenue opportunities
  • Preserving and nourishing existing revenue streams
  • Reducing customer churn rate
  • Working more efficiently and effectively

It is crucial to the prosperity of your business to ensure customer success. Sentinel Pulse helps you maintain positive customer relationships throughout the entire lifecycle and gives you a marketplace advantage.

Sentinel Pulse is live on the Salesforce AppExchange:

If you want to watch a full demo of Sentinel Pulse, don’t miss our booth 122 at Dreamforce. I will also deliver a presentation titled “They Saved the Best for Last: Data, (Sales)Force and Jedi-like Revenue Expansions” at 2:30pm on September 14th in Theater Three (Moscone South, Campground) where you can learn more about how to grow revenue with entitlement data.