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Elevate Your IAM Strategy with Thales at EIC 2024

May 30, 2024

Marco Venuti Marco Venuti | IAM Enablement & Acceleration Director More About This Author >

From 4 to 7 June, Berlin will host Europe’s premier identity and cloud experts gathering. The European Identity and Cloud Conference 2024 (EIC), now in its 17th edition, promises an immersive experience into the future of identity and access management (IAM) within an AI-upgraded reality.

Organized by industry analysts KuppingerCole, this flagship event will bring together more than 1,500 delegates from around the world: C-suite IAM leaders, cyber professionals, and experts from enterprise and mid-market organizations.

With more than 230 sessions spanning various elements of identity and cloud technologies, attendees can anticipate thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and unveiling innovative solutions to navigate the complexities of an AI-driven world.

A Technological Revolution

As the digital landscape evolves, artificial intelligence (AI) is sparking a technological revolution with far-reaching effects across various industries. One significant change is how we approach identity verification, using AI to enhance security, streamline processes, and improve customer experience.

Against this backdrop, Thales, a global IAM player rooted in its European origins and committed to European regulations, is adding expertise and insights to the conversation at EIC 2024. One not-to-be-missed session is our keynote, “Can you trust AI in IAM?” which is happening on 5 June at 09:10, delivered by my colleague Jason Keenaghan, Director Of Product Management for IAM at Thales. Because AI has taken center stage in identity verification and authentication, Jason will delve into the risks and biases and how these impact customer experience, architecture, and compliance.

A Look at User Experience

Also, on 5 June, delegates can look forward to hearing how the HTI Group - developers and manufacturers of winter sports technology, urban mobility, material transport, snow, and vegetation management, as well as renewable energies - built a more reliable experience for thousands of B2B customers and partners. They will hear how this helped their customers minimize downtime, protect their revenue, and create more trust with their end consumers.

Continuing the user experience theme, on the same day, attendees can enjoy listening to Pedro Martinez, Business Owner of Digital Banking for Identity and Access Management at Thales, unpack “How to Adopt Passkeys for B2C in Regulated Markets.”

Addressing Modern Challenges

On 6 June, I will present “Breaking Free from Legacy CIAM: The Key to Unlocking your Insurance Company's Digital Potential.” Legacy CIAM systems go against the grain of insurance companies' digital goals, hampering user experience with slower, less secure methods.

During this session, I will unpack why insurance companies need to modernize their identity systems to remain competitive in the digital age, the benefits of future-proof CIAM technology for insurance, such as improved user experience and operational efficiency, and the challenges insurers may face when implementing modern CIAM and how to overcome them with confidence.

On the final day, 7 June, Gregory Vigroux, Senior Product Line Manager at Thales, will discuss passwordless authentication for workforces and will delve into the challenges faced by IT leaders in terms of deploying FIDO keys in their organization, what the new standards, such as CTAP 2.1 have to offer, and what the best practices are for efficiently and securely deploying and managing FIDO keys in the field.

A Matter of Trust

Also that day, Dr Jean-Daniel Aussel, Head of Standardization at Thales, will give an overview of the different security standards and technologies available in mobile devices and how they can be applied to secure digital identity wallets.

Later that afternoon, a combined session featuring Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, and myself will help delegates gain a comprehensive understanding of the future directions of CIAM, including actionable insights on addressing B2B specific needs to enhance security, and drive business efficiency in digital interactions with partners and suppliers.

Last on the agenda, Thales’ Product Adoption Manager for IAM, Mithun Singh, will discuss managing different levels of trust efficiently and securely in collaborative networks.

Join the winning team

Skilled digital identity professionals form the backbone of the Thales team, and at EIC they will share leading industry practices to defeat formidable opponents. Through a fully immersive demo , our experts at booth #20 will explore how the right approach to digital and physical identities can drive efficiency, enhance user-centricity, and mitigate risks.

Join us at EIC 2024 as we delve deep into the future of identity management, with Thales at the forefront of shaping tomorrow's digital landscape.

Arriving at the event early? Be Ahead of the Game and join Thales for pre-game drinks at Biermeisterei, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, Berlin, from 20:00. Get together with drinks at a German brewery to kick off KuppingerCole (EIC) 2024. Limited spaces available - RSVP here.