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How IAM can help you thrive in a disruptive environment

April 27, 2021

Poupak Modirassari-Enbom Poupak Modirassari-Enbom | Global VP Marketing CPL More About This Author >

At Thales we are excited to participate in this week’s virtual Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit taking place on 28 and 29 April 2021. This year’s theme is “Adapting to Disruption. Enabling Transformation.” Participants in the summit will get the latest advice on identity and access management technologies and strategies, covering multifactor authentication (MFA), identity governance and administration (IGA); as well as privileged access management (PAM) and cloud IAM.

Digital transformation initiatives are the core drivers for corporate executives to help them adapt to the emerging social and organizational challenges of remote working. Identities have become the forefront of strong corporate security posture, highlighting the need for robust identity and access management.

Businesses need to deploy an effective IAM solution to address the following challenges:

  • Deliver robust and agile authentication and authorization across the corporate ecosystem.
  • Secure their multi-cloud workloads and data.
  • Provide a streamlined experience for users.

Even after the pandemic ends, this new normal of remote working will become common practice. Therefore, businesses need a credible, and efficient access management solution that supports all use cases. While current remote access solutions were enough to protect corporate data yesterday, these are not adequate to address the authentication and authorization challenges of today and tomorrow.

In a cloud-based environment, where everyone is an outsider, legacy access security solutions create blind spots and introduce more vulnerabilities than protections. Businesses are looking for access management solutions that ensure a robust cloud security posture and regulatory compliance without harming user experience, allowing businesses to thrive in an ever-changing global environment.

This is exactly what Francois Lasnier, Vice President of Identity and Access Management at Thales, is going to discuss in his presentation, which will focus on how strong and effective access management platforms, like Thales SafeNet Trusted Access, can help enterprises drive their business forward, while meeting increased demands for security and compliance. Identity and access management is not a factor for just surviving, it is rather a key factor for thriving.

During the summit, you will have the chance to read our latest information on Thales SafeNet Trusted Access in the Exhibitor Engagement Zone. You can watch Francois delivering his session “The Key to Post Covid Success – Aim to Thrive not Merely Survive” at our solution provider session on April 29, 2021, at 11:30 AM CEST.

You can still register for the virtual Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit here.