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zvi Zvi Rapps | Marketing Writer

A New Jersey native, Zvi has more than 5 years of experience in content marketing within the software industry. He brings years of experience creating and managing dynamic content including blogs, videos, and whitepapers and has been published by Forbes, National Real Estate Investor, and other media outlets

6 Ways Software Licensing Helps You Battle Churn
Zvi Rapps February 24, 2021
6 Ways Software Licensing Helps You Battle Churn

What is Customer Churn? Why Does it Matter?


Customer churn refers to the percentage of your customers who stop using… Read More

three components of recurring revenue
Zvi Rapps October 2, 2020
The Three Main Components to Driving Recurring Revenue

We Live in a Customer-centric, Software and Services-driven World


Customers are now driving decision-making, and… Read More

Zvi Rapps September 4, 2020
Optimize Pricing for Higher Revenues and Happier Customers

The phenomenon of instant gratification and pay-as-you-go service has crossed over into the B2B world as well. What began with software-… Read More

Zvi Rapps March 14, 2020
You Can Get Software Licensing Right The First Time

In today’s ever-changing world,… Read More

Zvi Rapps March 14, 2020
Survey Says: Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Automated Surveys

When it comes to the development and upkeep of enterprise software, companies are… Read More

Zvi Rapps March 14, 2020
Software Licensing Management Tools: 5 Essential Elements

Among the steps in… Read More