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RSA Conference 2022 Back to Physical - The Thrill of Meeting in Person!

May 19, 2022

Brooke Daniel Brooke Daniel | Director of Marketing, Americas More About This Author >

And just like that, RSA Conference 2022 is back in San Francisco! However, the event will also be online for those who cannot be there in person. Initially scheduled for February this year, the conference will now take place from June 6-9. Thales is thrilled to be hosting booth #6253 in the Moscone Center.

As the world changes and new technologies emerge, shaping our future, being able to secure these advances and offer a safer digital landscape is of crucial importance. The challenges are many – the corporate boundaries have been diminished, data is increasingly stored and processed in the multiple cloud platforms, and businesses are increasingly dependent on complex and vast supply chains. At the same time, the regulatory and legislative landscape is expanding, with governments and transnational organizations adopting a multitude of acts and laws to protect their critical infrastructures from being the next victim of a sophisticated attack.

On the flip side, awareness of the necessity to prioritize budget and resources to reduce cyber risk is at an all-time high. Security companies are developing solutions that can help and are helping organizations defend their ecosystem. Although the attacks make the news headlines, success stories of security teams preventing an attack or reducing the impact of a breach are far more overwhelming.

The RSA Conference agenda is full of numerous keynotes and seminars that will “help you make the game-changing decisions that will transform the way you protect the world from threats.” Thales is also holding a speaking session together with Google. Todd Moore, Vice President of Encryption Products at Thales Cloud Security & Licensing, will join Nelly Porter, Group Product Manager Cloud Security at Google, to discuss "Solving the Cloud Trust Paradox Together." The keyword here is ‘together.’

Thales and Google have developed a joint trusted cloud solution featuring ubiquitous data encryption and integration of Google Cloud’s confidential computing with Thales’ CipherTrust Manager. As the Greek storyteller, Aesop stated in the fable ‘The Four Oxen and the Lion’, “United we stand, divided we fall.” This statement is the foundation for securing our future – sharing intelligence and building our defenses together.

Besides keynotes and presentations, RSA Conference 2022 is also about socializing and networking. Personal interaction is the great thing about attending a physical event. Although technology has allowed us to meet people no matter where they are, nothing beats in-person communication - actually knowing that person, for real.

There is no better occasion to socialize and meet peers, customers, partners, and friends than during a happy hour. So join the Thales Happy Hour on Tuesday, June 7, between 4:30 – 6pm. We look forward to chatting with you and having fun.

Finally, we are going to host several roundtable sessions at booth #6253, where Thales executives will discuss cutting-edge topics like:

  • Pitfalls protecting cloud Data
  • Digitally transform with 5G
  • Enable secure DevOps with data protection & secret management
  • IoT infrastructure protection
  • Cloud sovereignty challenges
  • Identity centric Zero Trust

If you would like to attend a roundtable session, click here.

If you would like a one-on-one meeting, drop us an email here.

So now, you know what to expect from Thales at RSA Conference 2022, Jun 7-9. Remember to pay us a visit at Thales booth #6253. We are excited to finally see you all in San Francisco!