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Amit Prakaash Social Card
Amit Prakaash April 7, 2022
Reduce your helpdesk burden 20-50%

“Humans … have only a limited ability to memorize complex, arbitrary secrets.” Users and IT view cybersecurity as a speed bump – and no one looks…

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Rob Masterson Social Card
Robert Masterson April 5, 2022
Can You Shift Sensitive Data Beyond the Datacenter?

Protecting Privacy in a Multi-Cloud Environment Today’s enterprise data landscape may appear to have some opposing pressures. The push for corporate cost cutting and…

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Darim Rahmatallah
Darim Rahmatallah April 4, 2022
Token Licensing is Taking Off: Here's Why

Companies that sell complex software are searching for pricing solutions that satisfy multiple requirements while remaining easy to navigate.  …

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Tammy Wood Social Card
Tammy Wood March 31, 2022
Azure AD and Thales support for CBA authentication reflects the growing value of high assurance MFA

To help protect the United States from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, the White House issued Executive Order (EO) 14028 in May 2021 to modernize Federal Government…

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How to Prevent and Protect Against Supply Chain Attacks
Danna Bethlehem March 30, 2022
How to Prevent and Protect Against Supply Chain Attacks

Recent high profile attacks show that the bad guys don’t hack into organizations, they simply log in. This is especially true of supply chain attacks where credential…

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Asaf Lerner Social Card
Asaf Lerner March 29, 2022
Is the Future of Digital Identity Safe?

The pandemic has not only significantly accelerated digital transformation in all industries. It has further established digital services as one of the foundational pillars of…

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