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Seamless Integration to your Ecosystem

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Accelerate your digital transformation

Automating the critical business processes of entitlement management across the ecosystem enables companies to quickly make changes and reduce the risk of human error.

Sentinel Connect integrates entitlement management with any application in the ecosystem,
automates all entitlement transactions, and synchronizes entitlement data at any time. 

Connect Entitlement Management to Any App for Faster:

  • system integration with prebuilt connectors
  • integration development utilizing low code API's
  • onboarding by using the field mapping and configurable rules
Identify Revenue Loss
Comprehensive yet user-friendly

Automate all Entitlement Transactions and Minimize

  • repetitive manual effort when delivering entitlements to customers
  • the likelihood of incorrect entitlements sent to customers
  • entitlement adjustment lag time when modifying subscriptions
  • increased delivery cost when scaling your business

Synchronize Entitlement Data for Improved Decision-Making with

  • quick entitlement validation
  • on-demand access
  • consistent information across internal teams
Strong and supportive

“The ability to issue a variety of license types was an important requirement for Geocap. With Thales Sentinel, we are able to easily implement numerous license types.”

Anders Moe

Technical Manager, Geocap
¿Cómo dar en el clavo a la primera con el licenciamiento de software? - Informe técnico

¿Cómo dar en el clavo a la primera con el licenciamiento de software? - Informe técnico

Con operaciones de misión crítica, no hay margen de error.  Vea cómo las soluciones Sentinel facilitan la obtención de licencias de software correctas a la primera

key statistics

Based on award-winning technology, Sentinel has a strong global customer base with over 10,000 customers in over 100 countries across 30 industries.

14 M

Our customers see an average revenue increase of €14 million within the first 3 years of partnering with us.


They also save an average of €700,000 in operational efficiencies.

5 M

Put up to €5 million back on the table every year through our cost-saving and monetization solutions.
Source: Based on business value assessments conducted by Sentinel.
 recurring revenue

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Sabemos que el 60 % de los fabricantes de dispositivos conectados generará ingresos recurrentes a través de productos o servicios basados en software y, en el futuro cercano, se prevé que más del 50 % de las industrias abordará el precio y los paquetes de sus productos como si...