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Software License Audit 

software license audit

What is a Software License Audit?

A software license audit is when an organization or a third party will ask for an inventory of the installed software.  This will then be compared against an organization's software entitlements to find any difference.  Running a proactive asset management system will help reduce the preparedness when an audit is announced.

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What is a Software License Audit Tool?

A software license audit tool is a software program that can help your organization with software audits.  These programs can lead to a reduction in efforts for software licensing and increased preparedness, and thus decrease costs and increase revenues.  These programs can help reduce excess licenses and help optimize subscriptions based on usage.

What are some Software License Audit Best Practices?

Some software license audit best practices include keeping a list of all current licenses in a secured location and easily accessible.  Continuously tracking costs of the licenses, setting quarterly reminders to assess current usage, and finally making an effort to track everything in preparation for the next upcoming audit.

¿Cómo dar en el clavo a la primera con el licenciamiento de software? - Informe técnico

¿Cómo dar en el clavo a la primera con el licenciamiento de software? - Informe técnico

Con operaciones de misión crítica, no hay margen de error.  Vea cómo las soluciones Sentinel facilitan la obtención de licencias de software correctas a la primera


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