Data Security Compliance and Regulatory Solutions for Retail Pharmacies

Thales helps retail pharmacy customers comply with regulatory requirements for data protection through access management and authentication and data-centric data protection.


Retail pharmacies are in the uncomfortable position of needing to comply not only with PCI DSS requirements but also regulations such as HITECH and HIPAA, and State, Federal, and local data breach statutes. Thales’s data protection solutions help retail pharmacies secure their data and comply with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA compliance through access management and authentication and data-centric data protection.

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PCI DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) mandates that all organizations that accept, acquire, transmit, process, or store cardholder data must take appropriate steps to continuously safeguard all sensitive customer information.


The HIPAA Security Rule requires covered organizations to implement technical safeguards to protect all Electronic Personal Healthcare Information (ePHI), making specific reference to encryption, access controls, encryption key management, risk management, auditing and monitoring of ePHI information.

The HITECH act then expands the compliance requirement set, requiring the disclosure of data breaches of “unprotected” (unencrypted) personal health records (PHR), including those by business associates, vendors and related entities. Finally, the “HIPAA Omnibus Rule” of 2013 formally holds business associates liable for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule.

International, Federal and State Regulatory Compliance

Data breach notification requirements on loss of personal information have increasingly been enacted by nations around the globe as well as by US State governments. Data breach disclosure laws and notification requirements vary by jurisdiction, but almost universally include a “safe harbor” clause if the data lost was was encrypted.

The DEA’s requirements for EPCS include that the cryptographic module used to digitally sign data elements be at least FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated and that the pharmacy application’s private key must be stored encrypted.

Thales Access Management & Authentication and Data Protection solutions help pharmacies meet data security compliance requirements, facilitate security auditing, protect their customers, and avoid data breaches by protecting data across devices, processes, and platforms on premises and in the cloud.

Access Management & Authentication

Thales’ access management and authentication solutions provide both the security mechanisms and reporting capabilities needed by pharmacies to comply with data security regulations including HITECH and HIPAA compliance. Our solutions protect sensitive data by enforcing the appropriate access controls, when users log into applications that store sensitive data. By supporting a broad range of authentication methods and policy driven role-based access, our solutions help organizations mitigate the risk of data breach due to compromised or stolen credentials or through insider credential abuse. Support for smart single sign on and step up authentication allows organizations to optimize convenience for end users, ensuring they only have to authenticate when needed. And extensive reporting allows pharmacies to produce a detailed audit trail of all access and authentication events, ensuring they can prove compliancy with a broad range of regulations.

Learn more about Thales’ Access Management & Authentication solutions.

Data Protection

Thales delivers the industry's most comprehensive and advanced data security for pharmacies no matter where the data is. Thales Data Protection solutions discover, classify, and protect the data through obfuscation technologies, such as encryption and tokenization, so that even if the data is stolen, it is unreadable and useless to those who steal it. Thales Data Protection solutions include:

Learn more about Thales' Data Protection solutions.

Meet Cybersecurity Standards

With Thales data access and security solutions pharmacies can achieve data security and protect information from data breaches across the enterprise, in the cloud, and in big data environments. This enables these organizations to comply with worldwide standards and regulations for data security.

Thales data security solutions:

  • Meet compliance and best practice requirements for protecting data with proven, high-performance, and scalable data protection solutions
  • Are quick and easy to install and use
  • Lower operational costs and capital expenditures while optimizing staff efficiency and productivity by leveraging the breadth and depth of integrated Thales data security products and services

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