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Open Source Software FAQ

open source software license

What is an Open-Source Software License?

An open-source software license is a type of license for software that can enable the source code to shared, modified, or used under terms and conditions. This allows companies or users to modify the source code as needed.  In most cases, this type of license tends to be available for free.

Is Open-Source Software More Secure?

According to research done by WhiteSource, open-source software that is highly popular is more likely to be updated faster, and include fewer security vulnerabilities than commercial vendors.

What Are The Advantages of Open Source Software vs Proprietary Software?

The advantages of open-source software include a lower cost and more accessibility to the source code of a project. Open-source software often promotes more creativity and allows for more customization.

See also: Proprietary Software License

What is the Comparison Between Free Software and Open-Source Software?

The difference between free software and open-source software is that open-source software can be modified, improved upon, or even profited from while adhering to the four pillars of freedom according to the Free Software Foundation.  Open-source software is mainly a design philosophy in which the source code should always be publicly available and should never discriminate against persons or groups.

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