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SaaS Licensing FAQ

SaaS Licensing

What is SaaS Licensing?

SaaS licensing is a type of licensing model that allows for software to be licensed using a subscription-based model, while also being centrally hosted. Subscription-based business models allow companies to pay for software in different ways, whether usage-based, time-based, per user, or using other metrics.

See also Saas Pricing Models

What is SaaS License Management?

SaaS license management is the management of various licenses or apps within a company, organization, or entity. By optimizing licensing, implementing automation, and measuring usage, companies can lower their operating costs.

What is a SaaS Pricing Strategy?

A SaaS pricing strategy is a business model that generates recurring revenue through repeatable sales processes, which are often automated. Some SaaS pricing strategies include free trial pricing, prestige pricing, and value-based pricing.

How does SaaS Protection Help?

SaaS Protection helps by hosting the main software applications offsite and in the cloud, which can prevent piracy by reducing the likelihood of onsite company theft of trade secrets.



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