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Study Reveals Business Value of Thales’ Sentinel Software Monetization Platform

March 2023

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A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study
conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Thales.

Software vendors report significant business scaling when they implement the Thales’ Sentinel Software Monetization Platform. In March 2023, the potential cost savings and business benefits were quantified by the Thales-commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™(TEI) study. The Forrester TEI documented how Thales’ Sentinel Software Monetization Platform:


Supports software monetization business needs


Paid off its investment, with full payback in 12 months and 301% ROI over five years


Results are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers.

Total Benefits

Total Benefits Chart

What are the business needs for SM?

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Increase Revenue

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Provide Value-Add
to Customers

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Harness ML Data for Business Insights

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Faster Time-To-Market


Thales is foundational for our company. We now have a licensing infrastructure to support our future of selling software solutions."

Vice President

Enterprise IT & Digital, Transformation, Networking Products

How is software monetization carried out?

Software monetization means ISVs, IDVs, or SaaS companies can offer their software at scale. This is accomplished with flexible packaging, enabled through licensing and entitlement (feature options).  An SM platform should allow licensing and feature choice to be configurable and automatable, with all management on a single portal.


Our quarterly calls with Wall Street analysts include lots of talk of software growth now. Without our investment in Thales, that would not be happening.”

Senior Director of Business Operations

Networking Products

Business Benefits

The Forrester Consulting study found the following quantified benefits
from Thales’ Sentinel Software Monetization Platform:


Full Payback in 12 months


5-Year ROI


5-Year NPV


Additional Savings

Product Savings

Legacy maintenance and retirement cost savings: $1.9M

Personnel Reduction

  • 50%+ reassignment of dedicated order takers and licensing professionals

  • Five licensing and order-taking FTEs reduced by 3 FTEs in Year 1 and 2 FTEs in Year 2


We are way more flexible now towards introducing product variants. Previously, we were dependent on the development teams.”

Software Product Manager

Technology and Services

Qualitative Advantages of The Sentinel Platform

Software providers now see software monetization as a given, rather than a potential goal. Growing software revenue is now a focus area of their organizations’ corporate strategies, as evidenced in their financial statements.

Customers reported zero implementation performance issues, and therefore Thales’ Sentinel Software Monetization Platform is considered reliable and secure.

Business data insights enable sales strategy decisions. Customers enjoy detailed and higher-quality data than previously, derived from self-serve licensing activity by customers.

CX improved. Thales enabled organizations to meet their customer licensing needs while improving the customer experience through a single portal, smartphone apps, and other features, including CRM and ERP integration.


Our customers can self-serve ordering software. The CRM system will notify our salespeople, which gives them an excuse to reconnect to upsell on the hardware side."

VP Global Equipment

Equipment Manufacturer

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Thales’ Sentinel Software Monetization Platform offers a complimentary
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Sentinel is the complete and connected license and entitlements platform designed to help you excel in today’s agile business landscape. Thousands of companies — from Fortune 500s to small family businesses — use the Sentinel Platform to unlock significant software revenue growth.

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