2018 Thales Data Threat Report - Report

2018 Thales Data Threat Report - Report

As businesses embrace new environments, data breaches have become the new reality

Driven by escalating cyberattacks, traditional insider threats, privacy requirements and data residency regulations, enterprises around the world are facing increasing pressures to secure their data and reduce the exposure of their organizations to data related risks.

The harsh realities of the current state of cybersecurity are made starkly apparent by the seemingly endless reports of major data breaches, which continue unabated despite consistent increases in IT security spending. This ongoing game of cat-and-mouse suggests that the tactics, sophistication and motivation are helping global attackers stay at least one step ahead of their often overwhelmed and beleaguered defenders. The obvious – or what should be obvious – question is whether the cyber defenses that are being deployed today need to be re-examined for overall effectiveness and recalibrated.


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