Ethereum Blockchain with Luna HSM - Integration Guide

Ethereum Blockchain with Luna HSM - Integration Guide

This guide demonstrates using a Luna HSM or Luna Cloud HSM in Ethereum Blockchain to protect the Ethereum account private keys. In Ethereum, an account is the public/private key pair file that serves as the identity on the Blockchain. The HSM wallet allows you to generate and secure ECDSA/BIP32 key pairs on Luna HSM, following which you can use Luna HSM to sign transactions. The HSM wallet uses a PKCS#11 API to communicate with Luna HSM. Each PKCS#11 partition corresponds to a different HSM wallet.

The benefits of using Luna HSMs to generate the private keys for Ethereum Blockchain Accounts include:

  • Secure generation, storage and protection of the encryption keys on FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated hardware
  • Full life cycle management of the keys
  • Access to secure audit trail 
    NOTE: Access to secure audit trail is available only for Luna Network HSM.
  • Using cloud services with confidence.
  • Significant performance improvements by off-loading cryptographic operations from application servers.