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Enterprise Software License

The demand for enterprise-grade software is booming, and top-performing companies are exploring ways to tap into the revenue goldmine that exists within the enterprise software licensing (ESL) market.

Enterprise organizations are all around us, and they offer vast opportunities. Universities, hospitals, libraries, not-for-profits, energy providers, and countless big businesses are all increasingly leveraging software to build more efficient, customer-focused, and monetized processes. These large organizations use enterprise application software to systemize and manage customer relationships, IT services, supply chains, databases, business processes, and more. The organizations are massive, and the deployment of software is extensive; together, those factors paint a picture rich with opportunity for trailblazing software providers who are ready to jump into the Enterprise Application Software License market.

On the other hand, there is a reason most software vendors have traditionally focused on consumer-grade software, instead of enterprise-grade software. Meeting the significantly more complex needs of enterprise organizations is no simple task. Software providers who license for enterprises need to have cutting-edge internal processes of their own so that they can process, manage, and distribute enterprise software effectively. In addition, enterprise software needs to be licensable on a mass scale, extremely reliable, implementable across hundreds of devices and locations, and easy to integrate with pre-existing back office applications.

The enterprise environment is complex and the challenges are many, but the solution is simple: Sentinel.

Sentinel software licensing management platforms have the features and benefits you need to successfully enter the enterprise software license world. With Sentinel, you can become a leader in a growing tech market loaded with opportunity.

Sentinel Enterprise and Management Solutions

Sentinel solutions enable software providers to expand and diversify their offerings by introducing enterprise software licensing management platforms that help your business succeed. Sentinel allows you to overcome the biggest hurdles to enterprise software licensing by:

  • 1. Enabling enterprise-grade software licensing
  • 2. Providing effective management solutions for enterprise-grade software licensing
  • 3. Offering effective measures for the enforcement of enterprise software license agreements


1. Sentinel Solutions Enables Enterprise-Grade Software Licensing

Sentinel has an unrivaled understanding of the needs of enterprise corporations and thereby enables you, the software provider, to service those unique needs effectively. Flexibility, ease-of-use, reliability, and scalability are the four pillars of effective mass software licensing. They are what enterprise organizations are looking for in enterprise software and therefore your software must meet those expectations. Sentinel’s Entitlement Management Solutions, or EMS, is the simple enterprise software license platform that makes it possible for you to provide your clients with exactly what they are looking for.

Flexible licensing is made achievable and straightforward through Sentinel's built-in capacity to host various enterprise licensing models and enable customizable packaging options. Sentinel makes license implementation easier by creating intuitive, interconnected interfaces for software vendors, their enterprise partners, and end-users.

Critically important failover support allows you to provide your clients with the reliability they require. With Sentinel EMS, your clients will never find themselves scrambling because of network connectivity outages. Grace Period Licensing™ and redundant license servers, available through Sentinel RMS, means your software is never offline.

Lastly, Sentinel enables scalable enterprise software licensing. Responsible, forward-thinking companies plan for both constriction and growth, so enabling maximum scalability reduces the barrier to entry for enterprise companies who want software solutions that will remain viable for years to come.

2. Sentinel Solutions Helps Companies Manage Enterprise-Grade Software Licenses Effectively

Enterprise software licensing is the first step towards enterprise-level software implementation, but creating a system for managing enterprise software adds another level of challenge. The Sentinel system for enterprise software management tackles the biggest difficulties surrounding enterprise software management through wide-scale entitlement management solutions.

The Sentinel Entitlement Management Solutions rids your enterprise software license process of time-consuming manual tasks and inefficient swivel-chair processes. It includes robust automation of enterprise license fulfillment, activation, and management processes. It features extensive system interoperability, including full-scale integration into CRM and ERP systems, and can be leveraged with a modern intersystem communication implementation. At the same time, it provides advanced product and business intelligence to improve the ROI of sales, marketing, and product management efforts.

3. Sentinel Solutions Lets Companies Enforce Enterprise-Grade Licensing Agreements

Enterprise-grade software licensing requires ironclad enforcement of licensing agreements. Because of the sheer volume of software involved in an enterprise license agreement, the risk for piracy, unauthorized usage, illegal distribution, and other forms of infringement on an enterprise license agreement is higher when dealing with enterprise licensing. At the same time, breaches are harder to track.

Sentinel RMS provides solutions that allow vendors to deploy software across thousands of enterprise domain users securely. It utilizes the most cutting-edge data collection, tracking, and analysis interfaces so that you can track license compliance, renewals, and usage. The enterprise license management platform also features the "Protect Once, Deliver Many" benefit, whereby thousands of enterprise domain users receive the same software package. Through this innovative technology, enterprise-grade software vendors can protect multiple variations of the same product at once. When you know your investment in innovations and growth won't disappear into the shadowy hands of software misuse and piracy, you can build your business with renewed confidence.

Accelerate with Sentinel

Investing in enterprise software applications accelerates your growth and allows you to remain competitive in complex business environments. With Sentinel, your licensing, management, and protection are skillfully administered and totally secure, so you can advance your business goals with complete confidence.

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