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Manage Entitlements, Increase Revenue

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Maximize return and increase efficiency 

Manage your software licenses and entitlements with a centralized service designed to help you increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and support your product lifecycle.

Enable versatile product packaging and licensing models to meet complex customer needs and quickly evolve with the market.

Repackage for endless innovation with Sentinel EMS

  • Deploy popular licensing models quickly and produce new models easily
  • Streamline processes with a feature-centric product catalog
  • Adapt to changing market conditions without dependencies on Operations.

Put your customers in control

  • Give customers 24-7 access to licensing from any device or location
  • On-demand software activation reduces burden for you and your customers
  • Self-service with customisable portals for customers and partners

Consolidate all licensing under one roof

  • Incorporate any mix of on premise, cloud or hybrid deployments
  • Vendor-agnostic solution pairs with all enforcement technologies
  • Seamless integration with other back-office systems
Consolidate all licensing under one roof

Jump on Revenue Opportunities Fast

  • Sentinel Pulse Salesforce plug-in seamlessly integrates into the Salesforce environment you already use
  • Utilize real-time data to ensure compliance and identify churn risks
  • Leverage entitlement tracking to measure product usage against product purchases
  • Understand product usage across all regions and channels

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Definitive Guide to Entitlement Management

Entitlements hold the key to more than just access.
They're your gateway to monetization.

If you want to drive expansion revenue quickly and at scale, this eBook is for you.

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We Help The Industry's Leading Providers Unlock Monetization

"[The] Sentinel Platform allows us to provide our customers with customized packages depending on their needs.
We can offer a free trial and new products to be packaged easily and quickly without additional engineering."

Sentinel EMS - Product Brief

Sentinel EMS - Product Brief

An enterprise-class licensing service for maximizing revenues. Sentinel EMS enables software and hardware device vendors to manage all licensing and entitlement management activities, automate back office processes and gain insight into product usage. Sentinel EMS supports...

Entitlements for Support and Training - Product Brief

Entitlements for Support and Training - Product Brief

Sentinel EMS has long established itself as a versatile and scalable Entitlement Management platform.  However, the entitlements produced by Sentinel EMS are not just for software products, but they can also be used to define terms for non-software offerings such as support...

key statistics

Based on award-winning technology, Sentinel has a strong global customer base with over 10,000 customers in over 100 countries across 30 industries.

14 M

Our customers see an average revenue increase of €14 million within the first 3 years of partnering with us.


They also save an average of €700,000 in operational efficiencies.


As many as 75% of Thales Sentinel customers come to us with a primary goal of increasing revenue.
Source: Based on business value assessments conducted by Sentinel.