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Safe-T Has Partnered with Thales to Bring a New Remote Access Security Solution to the Table

April 8, 2021

Eitan Bremler Eitan Bremler | Co-Founder, and VP Corporate Development at Safe-T More About This Author >

The global pandemic of 2020 has changed the world around us in drastic and likely permanent ways. One of the most significant effects the pandemic has had on daily life is the need for businesses to support employees choosing to work from home. In today’s working environment, giving employees the option and ability to work from home has become a necessity rather than a luxury, and providing remote access to corporate resources has become a priority for most companies. Both employees and external third-party contractors need to have remote access to internal resources and access them from any location, which leads to significant security risks. Implementing multi-factor authentication and high-quality security solutions can help companies mitigate these risks.

Safe-T has partnered with Thales to provide their joint partners and customers with a secure remote access solution that allows companies to avoid expensive security breaches while still allowing their employees and partners easy access to internal resources.

The solution created through this partnership controls who can access on-premises and cloud resources and how access to these resources is granted. By granting access only on a need-to-know basis, the solution resolves potential security and accessibility challenges inherently tied to remote access while leaving resources easily accessible to those who need them.

To create a solution that incorporates the best of both worlds, Safe-T and Thales have built a joint zero-trust access solution that combines the benefits of Safe-T ZoneZero and Thales SafeNet Trusted Access (STA).

Safe-T’s ZoneZero solution uses a zero-trust security model designed to provide information only to the users the information is relevant to, to ensure that the highest standard of security is maintained when building remote access networks. By building micro-segmented trusted zones, Safe-T’s ZoneZero solution can control which data and applications are available to which authorized parties. This includes control of who has access to corporate services. Safe-T’s solution integrates with Thales STA to ensure that the appropriate access policy and authentication method is implemented by enforcing stringent access policies at the access point and using multi-factor authentication.

By creating this best-of-breed solution, Safe-T’s and Thales’ joint solution gives businesses the security they need to safely scale up the support and resources they provide to their remote workforce and suppliers.