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Get Ahead of the Game with Thales at Identiverse

May 16, 2024

Martijn Loderus Martijn Loderus | CIAM Regional Sales Director More About This Author >

In the ever-evolving digital identity and security landscape, Identiverse is undoubtedly the premier event, much like a World Cup or the Olympics, where industry champions converge to showcase their strategies, score big on innovation, and ultimately advance the field.

As Identiverse 2024 gears up for its fifteenth edition, Thales is ready to help customers get ahead of the game and is taking to the field with one goal - to lead the charge in unleashing the power of the identity engine.

Identiverse brings together the best minds across industry and enterprise to share insights, brainstorm new ideas, and advance the state of modern digital identity and security. With its long history of innovation and expertise in identity solutions, Thales aims to make a significant impact at this year's event.

Powering our Online Lives

This year’s Identiverse will see Thales focus, although not exclusively, on the identity engine. Digital identity systems are the foundation of a modern economy, hidden engines that power our online lives and enable more prosperous, effective, and inclusive solutions.

These solutions help people, families, and consumers thrive in an increasingly complex and hybrid world, boosting efficiency and productivity and elevating user-centricity and accessibility. They streamline customer acquisition and retention processes, drive growth forward, and act as a solid defense, supporting compliance efforts and intercepting privacy and security risks.

Assembling a Winning Team

At the show, FC Thales, a team of elite players, is gearing up to take on the Cyber Hyenas in the Identiverse Soccer Championship at Booth #2501. Experience our winning B2B IAM and Customer IAM strategy firsthand, featuring innovations like:

  • ID Proofing
  • Passkeys
  • Advanced Facial Recognition

Skilled digital identity professionals form the backbone of the FC Thales team, and at Identiverse they will share leading industry practices to defeat formidable opponents. Through a fully immersive demo, Thales will explore how the right approach to digital and physical identities can drive efficiency, enhance user-centricity, and mitigate risks.

Discover Thales Immersive Demo

Defining Functional Requirements for Successful B2B Engagement

First on the agenda, Marco Venuti, IAM Enablement and Acceleration Director at Thales Group, will present “Defining Functional Requirements for Successful B2B Engagement”. The B2B Identity and Access Management (B2B-IAM) segment has become one of the most dynamic sectors within the identity landscape as it merges multiple requirements historically belonging to different domains.

B2B-IAM requires a wide range of functionalities like onboarding, orchestration, identity validation, consent management, authentication, single sign-on, delegation management, and fine-grained authorization to be harmonized.

During this session, Venuti will navigate the intersection between real-world scenarios and contemporary market solutions and present several practical use cases to show how access and delegation management can be delivered for business partners (such as suppliers, vendors, partners, contractors, brokers, etc. ) seamlessly, securely, and scalable.

The State of Digital Trust

Next, Thales’ Director of Product Marketing for IAM, Haider Iqbal, will speak about “The State of Digital Trust.” He says trust is not a monolithic concept. It takes brands years, sometimes decades, to build a trusted brand.

Recently, we released the 2024 Thales Digital Trust Index, comprised of interviews from more than 12,000 consumers from across the globe to identify trends that would help organizations make better decisions about their digital presence. This session will unpack some exciting findings from this survey, ranging from preferred times of the day for digital interactions to the extent of privacy demanded by consumers - and their expectations of security controls.

Navigating the Intersection of Digital and Physical Spaces

On May 29th I will present on “Identity Convergence: Navigating the Intersection of Digital and Physical Spaces.” In the evolving identity management landscape, integrating digital and physical channels is not just possible but a vital evolution. Yet, companies who do not harness digital authentication mechanisms when engaging with customers in the physical realm miss an opportunity and could even prevent themselves from realizing the full security benefits.

In this session, just as a striker navigates through a defense, I will explore leveraging a fusion of technologies to reshape how we authenticate individuals in physical locations. He will highlight the practical applications, benefits, and challenges of adopting these tools in the physical world.

Tackling the Evolving Digital Identity Landscape

As Identiverse 2024 draws near, Thales is preparing to arm attendees with an arsenal of insights and strategies to tackle the evolving digital identity and security landscape. In the game of identity, FC Thales has proved to be a formidable contender, ready to kick off a new era where the power of the identity engine propels us towards a safer, more inclusive digital future.

Join Thales at Identiverse for our speaking sessions, and be sure to visit us at booth #2501.