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Todd Moore Todd Moore | VP Encryption Products, Thales

Todd Moore is a respected cybersecurity professional, with over 28 years’ experience in helping organisations protect their most sensitive data.

In his role as Vice President of Encryption Solutions, Todd drives strategy for the company’s data encryption portfolio – bringing together a set of well-known security brands (SafeNet, Vormetric and Thales eSecurity) together, into a single data protection business line that addresses existing and new customer needs.

Todd joined Thales through a series of acquisitions from his prior roles; these predominantly entailed product leadership positions for both SafeNet and then Gemalto. He had already gained deep understanding of security challenges and technologies within the defence industry, having spent almost two decades with Harris Corporation. Over his career, Todd has a proven track record of developing business cases and market analysis for new security products and delivering them to market. He routinely develops strategies for new product development and execution, as well as negotiating strategic relationships and alliances.

With a rich combination of technology, product and customer understanding, Todd has frequently offered insights and commentary to media on topics such as hybrid cloud, encryption and cryptographic agility. Recent media contributions include the likes of IoT Now, Finextra and BankInfo Security.

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