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Don't Encrypt Everything; Protect Intelligently

November 11, 2021

Nisha Amthul Nisha Amthul | Senior Product Marketing Manager More About This Author >

The volume of confidential documents created daily is, frankly, incalculable, and the volume of “everything” distributed across multiple data centers around the world is much, much more. And though you likely cannot calculate exactly how much data your organization holds; you know it is going to be a big and costly problem to “Encrypt Everything.”

Encrypting everything is time intensive because of explosive data growth. It is expensive because it requires choosing, implementing, and monitoring an assortment of products from multiple vendors, and additional management and computing time once it’s up and running. It is very complex to execute because digital footprints have expanded from on premises data centers to multiple instances in the cloud and to more distributed workforces. Perhaps more important, it is significantly more challenging to realize the full value and potential of your data to generate insights and intelligence, if all of it is locked down (using encryption for example).

But, if not protected properly, sensitive data can be a significant liability should a breach occur. Finding the right balance is the key.

CipherTrust Intelligent Protection is an easy, unified approach to discovering, classifying, and protecting sensitive data. Offered as part of the CipherTrust Data Security Platform, CipherTrust Intelligent Protection discovers and classifies data based on sensitivity, vulnerability, and risk factors, and proactively protects at-risk data using encryption and access controls. It does this by providing built-in templates that enable rapid discovery and classification of unstructured sensitive data and configurable policies to protect data on-premises and in the cloud. It is a solution configuration that leverages CipherTrust Manager, CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification and CipherTrust Transparent Encryption – an all-in-one solution delivering a proven unified approach. For those of you already experiencing the benefits of these connectors, this new, innovative feature enables you to create an integrated workflow to simplify and strengthen data security.

Intelligent Sensitive Data Protection

Intelligent Sensitive Data Protection

The first step to Intelligent Data Protection is to find the sensitive data. CipherTrust Intelligent Protection finds any type of data wherever it resides. The solution automatically discovers and classifies both structured and unstructured data in file servers, databases, the cloud, big data repositories, and so forth.

Once you’ve discovered and classified the sensitive data, you need analyze and summarize the risk. CipherTrust Intelligent Protection ranks sensitive data for both type and degree, or level, of risk. CipherTrust Intelligent Protection can then generate detailed reports with categorization for data security management and compliance audits.

The next step in this iterative process is to proactively protect your sensitive data. CipherTrust Intelligent Protection automatically identifies security gaps. This enables your organization to apply the most appropriate data protection technique, whether that might be simple access controls, encryption, or even data deletion to end the data’s lifecycle.

Your organization adds new sensitive data daily, so the final step in this process is to regularly start over from the beginning. And once you’ve set up CipherTrust Intelligent Protection, this is simple to do.


To effectively protect your sensitive data, you need to know what sensitive data you have and where it is. CipherTrust Intelligent Protection’s discovery engine delivers a comprehensive analysis (via scan results and associated reports), so you can decide what additional protection (if any) you need for any data identified and classified as being at risk. With risk-based guidance on what specific data to encrypt and linking this discovery process automatically to encryption of any sensitive data found, you are able to fast track a fully compliant environment, have your data security totally under your control, and enjoy a little peace of mind.

To learn how CipherTrust Intelligent Protection can help your organization protect its sensitive data, please download our “Integrated Data Discovery and Classification with Enhanced Protection” product brief.