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The Tokyo Cybersecurity Olympic Games

July 22, 2021

Chris Harris Chris Harris | Associate VP, Sales Engineering More About This Author >

The opening ceremony for the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics will take place on Friday July 2021, and we can expect to see a very different spectacle, with no spectators present due to rising COVID-19 cases in Japan. However, a games without spectators is not a games without risk.

Tokyo 2020 will be relying on many forms of digital technology, which will need to be protected, as will its infrastructures such as electricity, transportation, and venues, and also the remote work IT environment of its entire staff.

In a new article for Intelligent CISO, Thales Chris Harris, EMEA Technical Director, takes a look at what types of threats we can expect to see at the games, and what measures Tokyo can take to keep itself, and its competitors, safe.

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