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What Are the Latest Developments from Thales in Data Security and IAM at RSA Conference 2023?

April 27, 2023

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We’ve been having a great week participating in RSA Conference 2023 and this year’s theme, Stronger Together, couldn’t be more appropriate as the cybersecurity industry fights to protect people and businesses against emerging threats and motivated malicious actors.

Stronger Together is also a message that resonates much with the Thales team. Throughout our success stories, we have demonstrated powerful and effective partnerships with businesses worldwide, with whom we share a common culture and goal: Building a Future We Can All Trust. As the cybersecurity environment evolves, so do our collaborations.

This week we have been excited to announce some new solutions, new partnerships and collaborations.

New Secrets Management Solution

Thales has announced the introduction of a new secrets management solution as part of its CipherTrust Data Security platform. The new Thales secrets management solution, powered by our partner Akeyless, enables customers to manage and secure DevOps and cloud workloads’ secrets.

The new capability enhances the capabilities of the CipherTrust Data Security platform to help security and governance teams reduce risks by streamlining security processes across their operations. The new Thales secrets management solution helps ensure that only authorized workloads and applications can access their passwords, API keys, and certificates, protecting them from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse. The process of secrets management typically involves generating and storing secrets securely, controlling access, and monitoring to alert when there is a suspicion of a breach and associated details.

New Phishing-Resistant Authenticators for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

At the RSA Conference, Thales also launched the SafeNet eToken Fusion series, a new set of USB tokens combining Fast IDentity Online 2.0 (FIDO2) with PKI/CBA in a single authenticator. Thales’s new tokens are designed to protect Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) users against account compromise and provide more robust security for access to cloud and web applications. The SafeNet eToken Fusion Series enables organizations to utilize phishing-resistant passwordless authentication methods, improving security for enterprise resources accessed from any device.

The SafeNet eToken Fusion Series is available for use today. Learn more and get a free trial.

New Ransomware Protection

Thales this week also announced the launch of CipherTrust Ransomware Protection, a new capability in the CipherTrust Data Security Platform. This new solution complements any organization’s broader ransomware protection strategies and elevates the protection of customer files and folders from ransomware attacks via access management controls and encryption processes.

CipherTrust Ransomware Protection helps protect against ransomware attacks by monitoring the file system and detecting, flagging, and blocking unwanted encryption and data exfiltration. It can align with individual organization needs and provide optimal support, including flagging ransomware in the system even before the solution’s installation.

Quantum-Safe Cryptography for Commercial Use

When large-scale, fault-tolerant universal quantum computers become available, they will risk much of today’s public key encryption. Designing security solutions for the post-quantum world (also known as post-quantum cryptography) means new technologies, techniques, and algorithms must be developed, adopted, standardized, and widely deployed.

Wells Fargo, Thales, and Quantinuum working in collaborative research, have demonstrated the ability to generate quantum-safe asymmetric cryptographic keys within the cryptographic boundary of the Thales Luna S790 cryptographic Hardware Security Module (HSM), a FIPS 140-2 level 3 cryptographic module. The joint solution was developed using verified quantum entropy from Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin solution generated on a trapped-ion-based quantum computer.

This proven, integrated solution demonstrates to the financial industry how new quantum-safe algorithms with secure key generation can be implemented without deploying new hardware. It also allows the use of a hybrid strategy that provides the necessary agility to react to future threats quickly and with minimal disruption to everyday operations. Thales, Wells Fargo and Quantinuum gave an overview of the PQC innovation in a live session on the RSA Conference show floor.

And there’s much more!

Besides all these demos, we also hosted a series of live sessions on our booth to show our newest technology demonstrations on data security and customer and workforce identity, with our partners including AWS, DigiCert, Google, Keyfactor, and Microsoft for many attendees over the past few days.

We’ve enjoyed seeing you all this week – looking forward to RSA Conference 2024 already!!