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Automated Software Updates for the On-Demand Age

March 14, 2020

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As we’ve spoken about in the past, customer experience should be a top priority for all software companies. Of course, maximizing revenue will be another goal that will always be at the top of that very same priority list. It goes without saying then that addressing a specific problem that impacts these two concerns, is a no-brainer.  

The process of efficiently delivering software updates to your end-users is one such example of an opportunity that, if done right, can serve to maximize your revenue opportunities, while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Reduce Manual Processes - Implement Automation Solution


An issue that many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) face is that they have no direct contact with their end-users. At best they may have their one contact from the point of purchase but no access to all of the end-users in that company. When an ISV needs to send a critical product update or notification, they can send an email to their distributor, reseller, or initial purchaser but they have no way of guaranteeing that this crucial information will reach their end-users.

Relying on this makeshift human chain leads to a slow and inefficient process that is susceptible to human error.  It is crucial to understand that this outdated manual method is not scalable, and can have serious impacts on your business in multiple ways.

For starters, this can lead to a decrease in end-user awareness regarding your product updates, as they may never learn of your new and improved versions.

Additionally, when there is no on-going dialogue with your end-users, you also lose the ability to drive revenue through maintenance contracts or other value-added services.

In the long run, these issues can have a serious effect on customer attrition, renewals, and revenue.

Enter the On-Demand Age


The increasing market dominance of SaaS (Software as a service) empowers customers to make changes instantly as their requirements evolve and for SaaS providers to update their offerings as needed. As we continue to push deeper into the “On-Demand Age,” all software products must keep pace and reflect this growing demand. And without a doubt, the ability to deliver on-demand software updates to your customers seamlessly and efficiently is a crucial component of this.

Not all products can be easily constructed as a SaaS offering but the good news is that you can at least create a SaaS-like experience for your customers with instant updates by using the right software update solution.

Ensuring your customers are always using the most updated version of your product guarantees that they have access to the latest and greatest aspects and features that your software has to offer.

Keep your Customers Satisfied with Seamless Auto Updates


With the right application, the complete process of delivering software updates can be fully automated and optimized, delivering the best possible experience for your customers.
By streamlining the auto-update process, eliminating human error, and keeping your users up-to-date with the latest software versions, you can truly provide the on-demand age experience to your customers that they deserve.

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