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PCI DSS 4 The Compliance Countdown
Marko Bobinac
PCI DSS 4.0: The Compliance Countdown – A Roadmap Through Phases 1 & 2

While compliance mandates can sometimes feel burdensome, PCI DSS 4.0 presents an opportunity to future-proof your payment card security. Its heightened focus on flexibility and…

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From Marco Polo to Modern Mayhem
Ward Duchamps
From Marco Polo to Modern Mayhem: Why Identity Management Matters

Imagine yourself as Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant traversing dangerous trade routes. Every border crossing meant proving your identity – who you were, where you came from,…

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Building Trust in Finance: Challenges & Solutions
Michel de Jong
Building Trust in Finance: Challenges & Solutions

Building trust in the financial industry, from the customer's point of viewIt’s widely accepted that trust is the cornerstone of almost all customer relationships,…

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Luna HSMs FIPS 140-3 Validation
John Ray
Luna HSMs FIPS 140-3 Validation

FIPS 140-3 and You, Part Two  A while back, we shared that Thales Luna HSMs were about to…

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Data Security Trends 2024 Report Analysis
Todd Moore
Data Security Trends: 2024 Report Analysis

Amid ongoing economic uncertainty and a progressively complex threat landscape, businesses are trying to navigate increasingly stringent regulatory requirements while…

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QR Code Scams
Tim Phipps
QR Code Scams: What You Need to Know About This Phishing Tactic

In a world where individuals and organizations alike are increasingly dependent on digital processes, cybercriminals are constantly looking for and developing new ways to…

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