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Luna HSM Backup

Luna HSM Backup

Luna HSM Backup is an HSM on Demand (Cloud HSM) service offering that provides a dedicated backup and restore location for your customers’ on-premises Thales Luna HSMs.

With Luna HSMs, you can securely backup and restore HSM key material. The keys are directly cloned and can flow from on-premises to cloud and cloud to on-premises, providing your customers the flexibility to freely move keys and back them up between cloud and on-premises environments in a purpose built-hybrid solution.

Automatic key replication is enabled for backup to Luna Cloud HSM, Luna HSMs on-premises (including Luna Backup HSM) and also for Azure, IBM and AWS dedicated Luna HSMs (PED support in 2021). Similarly, you can choose whether you want to back up your DPoD services to an on-premises solution such as Luna Backup HSM. The solution is ideal for customers who need to control keys across multiple compute environments.

When backing up to Luna Cloud HSM Services, you can be assured that the backup is to a resilient Luna Cloud HSM service (99.95% SLA), and your keys are securely stored in NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware.

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