CipherTrust Key Management Services

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CipherTrust Key Management Services on the Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) platform provide Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) capabilities as a cloud-based service. With DPoD, you can ensure simple and secure control of your keys and related security policies for encryption within your cloud service providers IaaS and PaaS environments and SaaS vendors.

The key broker enables you to retain control of your keys and align your key management policies across environments. The key broker serves as a custodian of keys, providing a consolidated key management directory to manage, search and audit all keys. Using the Key Broker, you can design and enforce policies, helping to ensure compliance.

It is a simple cloud based key management solution that provides a fast to deploy, easy to access and secure key management solution. Unlike traditional solutions that have implementation and management overheads or are locked into the cloud provider, the Thales solution is cloud agnostic so it can manage keys for multiple clouds from one single central point with low Total Cost of Ownership.

Customers can simply point and click to:

  • Subscribe
  • Provision services
  • Define security policies
  • Get usage reporting

CipherTrust Key Broker services currently available: Key Broker for Azure, Key Broker for Salesforce, and Key Broker for Google Cloud EKM.

CipherTrust Key Management Services


CipherTrust Key Management Services

Key Broker for Azure
Key Broker for Google Cloud EKM
Key Broker for Salesforce

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