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Luna Cloud HSM for Microsoft Authenticode

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Luna Cloud HSM for Microsoft Authenticode generates and secures Microsoft Authenticode certificates on an HSM

Luna Cloud HSM for Microsoft Authenticode

Luna Cloud HSM for Microsoft Authenticode provides hardened boundaries for Microsoft Authenticode digital certificates. The Luna Cloud HSM Service integrates with Microsoft Authenticode to provide a trusted system for protecting the organizational credentials of the software publisher. A Luna Cloud HSM service secures the keys used by the code signing application within the HSM service. By using Luna Cloud HSM for Microsoft Authenticode, users can ensure that relevant Microsoft systems, software and hardware products meet approved standards, and prevent signing keys being accessed by any unauthorized entity.

Key Features

  • Ensure integrity of Microsoft Authenticode certificates
  • Secure electronic tracking and storage
  • Prove the integrity of the signed certificates and establish the publisher’s identity
  • Protect the private keys associated with your Microsoft Authenticode digital certificates


  • Protect your brand and Intellectual Property
  • Prevent fraudulent activity
  • Prevent theft or compromise of private keys
  • Seamlessly transition towards a paperless office environment
  • Enhance security and ensure compliance
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