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Hybrid Cloud Management FAQ

hybrid cloud management platform

What is a Hybrid Cloud Management Platform?

A hybrid cloud management platform is a platform that consists of multiple cloud environments, including private and public clouds, with the aim of providing agility and cost savings. This allows for lowered costs on hardware-based resources, while also being used to launch mobile or web-based applications. 

The two main types of cloud management software that can be used on a hybrid cloud management platform are proprietary and open source.

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Who are Hybrid Cloud Management Software Vendors?

Some of the top hybrid cloud management software vendors include Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, VMware and Thales.

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What are some Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions?

Some hybrid cloud management solutions are open-sourced, such as CloudStack or OpenStack. However, a hybrid approach with a public or private setting can allow companies to automate workloads across different cloud environments. Managing and analyzing costs, aggregating services, and integrating APIS are some hybrid cloud management solutions.

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