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Software Piracy FAQ

what is software piracy

What is Software Piracy?

Software piracy is the theft of software applications that are legally protected by unauthorized users. This can include copying, sharing, or distributing the software without permission. Software piracy may come in four different forms including; selling, modifying, sharing, or distributing the software applications.

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How to Prevent Software Piracy?

One of the main ways companies prevent software piracy is with a strong user agreement. Another form of protection against piracy is the use of a product key, while more advanced protection includes shutting down the program if the code is altered, known as tamper-proofing.

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How to Protect Against Software Piracy?

There are a number of different ways to protect against software piracy.  The first is on the legal front, by copywriting your software. Having a licensing agreement will also help protect against software piracy. A tamper-proof solution, which involves blocking hackers from the source code, will also help cut down on gaining access to the source code. Finally, another method is to use a SaaS-based solution, which protects all of the information centrally, minimizing software piracy.

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