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Les licences agiles aident Oxford Instruments - Étude de cas

Oxford Instruments Seamlessly Navigates COVID Remote Access Challenge with Agile Licensing:

Oxford Instruments is a leading provider of high technology research instruments, tools, and services. Their customers include leading academic institutions, as well as government and private R&D centers across the globe. They pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and enabling momentous scientific advancements.

Generally, Oxford Instruments creates cutting-edge tools that researchers use to collect previously inaccessible information and data. When the company realized that software would revolutionize the field of scientific research, they were eager to expand their software capabilities.

Challenges for Oxford Instruments without agile licensing

  • Expand software capability
  • A reliable way to expand software sales
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Have a remote workforce

Discover how you can:

  • Increase revenue with software sales
  • Expand software capabilities and improve customer satisfaction
  • Expand your business with a free trial capability
  • Enable your remote workforce

Migrate to an easier software licensing solution while expanding sales and helping customers save. Get the case study today to learn more about Oxford Instruments' successful software licensing migration.