Software Driven Growth aiuta il produttore di edifici IoT DEOS

Building Manufacturer Accelerates Software-Driven Growth - DEOS Case Study

For over 50 years, DEOS has been a leading manufacturer of building automation systems. They create sustainable products and solutions that combine heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting into efficient IoT-powered system.

DEOS manufactures effective, reliable, and innovative control systems, and they work together with users to ensure smooth planning and implementation. Their loyal customer base of builders, planners, and building operators chooses to work with them because they know they will receive top-quality intelligent products and unbeatable customer service.

Challenges for IoT Software Driven Growth

  • Flexible licensing options including software licensing and hardware dongles
  • Needed new and updated pricing models, such as usage-based licensing
  • Being able to create different flexible pricing tiers to cater to the customer

Discover how you can:

  • Migrate quickly to software licensing driven growth
  • Make data-driven business decisions easier and faster
  • Update your outdated licensing and entitlement systems for supercharged software-driven growth

Migrate to software-based licensing, improve revenue and satisfaction. Get the case study to learn from Deo's migration that supercharged their software-driven growth.