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What is a License Dongle?

A license dongle, otherwise known as a license key, is a hardware-based electronic device that offers copy protection, can unlock software, or decode content that is protected. License dongles are used to protect against piracy and to prevent valuable applications from being distributed without authorization, as well as allow companies to enable software monetization solutions.

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What is a Software Dongle USB?

A software dongle USB is a hardware-based electronic copy protection device. When connected to a computer, it can be used to unlock content and software functionality. Modern dongles include advanced encryption to prevent hacking and content from being stolen.

How does Dongle Protection Work?

Dongle protection works by using electronic copy protection and is programmed with a hardware key or other encryption that can unlock content or software usage. Dongle protection has historically protected desktop-based applications but can also be utilized for web-based systems as well.

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