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Types of Software Licenses FAQ

types of software licenses

What is a Perpetual Software License?

A perpetual software license model is a permanent form of licensing in which the software application is sold for a one-time upfront fee, and entitles the owner to use the application forever, without expiration. This usually results in higher costs upfront, which is why many companies are now shifting to more subscription-based plans.

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What is a Private Software License?

A private software license is a form of software in which a company decides to keep its source code private and for internal software usage. With this type of license, no information is made public.

What is a Proprietary Software License?

A proprietary software license is computer software that is paid for, licensed, and solely owned by the software developer or publisher. It is considered a closed source software. The original software is usually protected under the developer’s intellectual property rights and copyrights.

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