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Vormetric Data Security Platform Expanded To Include Application Encryption

February 20, 2014

This week Vormetric announced Application Encryption, a new product enabling organizations to address a greater number of use cases as they implement solutions to achieve compliance and secure data. While Vormetric Transparent Encryption, our transparent file encryption solution, works seamlessly to meet more than 80% of our customers’ Big Data, Database, File Server, and Cloud environment data protection needs, in a recent survey of over 100 Vormetric customers, 43% indicated a need for Application Encryption.


Vormetric Application Encryption is effectively a set of software libraries or APIs that can be integrated directly into your application through a number of different programming languages. The code changes are trivial and the encryption ties back into the same centralized key management offered by the Vormetric Data Security Manager. Data that is typically protected includes credit card information, social security numbers/national IDs, intellectual property, personal health information, personally identifiable information, etc. If you want to “retrofit” your existing environments with encryption and security policies Vormetric Transparent Encryption is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to design security right into your application, now you can with Vormetric Application Encryption. The best part is that this all ties back into one single management platform which means that existing Vormetric customers can deploy Application Encryption at an incremental cost rather than having to invest in another point solution.

We’ve already seen significant interest in Application Encryption and I’m excited about some of the newer use cases for deploying in Cloud and Big Data environments. Through our automated scripting capabilities our customers and business partners can easily choose between Transparent Encryption and Application Encryption based on their compliance and data security requirements. With our technology partners I see an opportunity to work together to build a wide range of enterprise security solutions leveraging the Vormetric Data Security Platform in a world with constantly evolving compliance and threat landscapes.